BIZOL Family Culture

I am proud of our BIZOL family

Short introduction of Boris, founder of BIZOL 

Boris Tatievski is a passionate physicist and the founder of BIZOL. He created the company in 1998 with the intention of developing new products to provide the best possible protection for cars. To date, the company operates in more than 70 markets.


What does family culture mean to you?  

Everyone spends the majority of their time at work. We try to create a family culture feeling where we feel comfortable at work, a healthy work environment.


What are the advantages of a Family Business Culture?  

Being family owned but not quoted on the stock market, we can afford to work for the long- term without having to worry about the pressure of quarterly results. Moreover, all profits are re-invested back into the company and much of it into education.


Can you give us some examples of working in a family business?   

We have just launched a program where we pay 50% of our employees gym fees. Our office is situated in a very green area of Berlin with several fitness studios close by.  There is a forest nearby and in the summer a 10 minute bicycle ride will enable you to enjoy swimming in a beautiful fresh lake.  Last year, we offered a Tai Chi course for beginners as part of our offsite training. We also provide our employees with free mineral water, coffee and tea.     

We offer our employees a distinctive working environment which is why we have designed our office with our visual identity.


What feedback do you get from your employees?

The feedback that we receive from our employees is positive. It is the overwhelming opinion that we are moving in the right direction especially in terms of the work atmosphere and the increased trust we give our employees.    

We have an open office policy and offer our employees the opportunity to work from home when they feel the need.  We are flexible regarding employees with children. We try to accommodate their working schedule to fit their children’s schedule.  And there is considerably more we can do in the future. In a nutshell, this all comes down to building trust between the company and its employees. 



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