Acquisition by EUROLUB GmbH

    November 2020

    Update of ATF and Gear Oil range to enable the best solutions for every kind of engine

    October 2020

    Formulation of the new company mission
    „B_effective aims at providing products and solutions for workshops which enable them to carry out cost effective, easy and fast repairs.”

    June 2019

    BIZOL announces the appointment of the new Sales Director

    April 2019

    Launch of the new Additives Pro Line to make everyday work in the workshop easier, faster and cost-effective

    March 2019

    BIZOL announces the appointment of the new Chief Marketing Officer

    June 2018

    BIZOL announces the appointment of the new CEO

    April 2018

    The BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-30 and 5W-20 new DNA motor oil generation was launched to improve protection for cars with Hybrid and Start Stop systems

    May 2016

    BIZOL operates in over 60 countries in five continents

    January 2015

    Winner of prestigious globaI design IF Award at the BMW World in Munich, Germany for the new premium containers

    November 2014

    Winner of prestigious US innovation AIA award in Las Vegas, USA for best packaging communication

    September 2014

    Winner of prestigious global Red Dot design award in Hamburg, Germany for new premium containers

    May 2014

    BIZOL launches new advanced motor oils. Four easy to remember motor oil product lines were created: GATP - Green, Allround, Technology and Protect. Green, for maximum protection in traffic jams, Allround, for excellent engine cleaning, Technology, for optimal fuel saving and Protect for extending the engine life.

    November 2010

    BIZOL participates for the first time at Automechanika Shanghai

    November 2008

    The BIZOL Logo was redesigned

    June 2008

    Green Oil (G) innovative motor oil Research and Development and packaging completed and exported internationally. G contains an innovative motor oil formula and was launched to address the need of the required improved protection for cars in city traffic.

    May 2000

    User Innovation Model (Open Innovation) adoption for Research and Development

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