GDI Power Clean

restore the performance of engine with gasoline direct injection

Direct injection is great! Isn't it?

Nowadays, almost every new gasoline engine is equipped with direct injection.


The advantages of direct injection systems are great - more precise fuel metering, more power, less combustion or the possibility of a higher compression ratio. Since then, almost all brands rely on GDI and try to eliminate its disadvantages and further improve efficiency with new technologies.



In direct injection (GDI, CGI, TFSI or TBI), fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber through an injector (located in the cylinder). This is a very favourable solution, as it allows rapid exchange of the fuel-air mixture via the piston. In addition, the injected fuel significantly lowers the temperature in the cylinder, as the cold gasoline cools the piston crown and cylinder walls, thus increasing the compression ratio, making the engine much more efficient.


Direct injection engines allow lean mixtures to be burned at low engine loads and consume significantly less fuel.

Advantages of GDI


  • Precise fuel metering
  • Optimized combustion of the air-fuel mixture
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Improved engine dynamics
  • Increased power and torque
  • Quick response to load changes
  • Lower content of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas
  • Improved cold start characteristics


Unfortunately, the way how fuel burns in GDI leads to an excess of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. Over the years, efforts have been made to eliminate this problem by introducing new methods to reduce the harmfulness of exhaust gases. There have been solutions for additional turbocharging, two-phase injectors or smaller engine displacement.

Main problems of direct injection

A major problem today is carbon deposits on the injector nozzle tip, on the walls of the combustion chamber, on the bottom of the piston, in the intake ports or on the intake valves after a long period of operation.

increased fuel consumption
irregular engine running
higher pollutant emissions
LSPI effect


Combustion-related deposits in the combustion chamber and on the surface of the injectors, especially in GDI engines, reduce fuel flow and worsen injection performance. These deposits lead to increased fuel consumption, irregular engine running as well as higher pollutant emissions.


All this happens because the above-mentioned parts are not cleaned with the fuel as in indirect injection.


One more common problem with these engines is the LSPI effect. One of the causes of LSPI is fouling of the injectors; the other is carbon deposits on the piston crown, which are a result of the fouled injectors. The phenomenon leads to spontaneous ignition of this deposit, which causes a rapid increase in pressure in the combustion chamber. The consequence of LSPI can be severe engine failure, including piston fracture.

What can we do to solve it?

Use the advanced fuel additive with efficient cleaning active ingredient based on polyetheramine, specially developed for cleaning injectors and combustion chamber in direct injection (GDI) engines.

GDI Power Clean


  1. Effectively removes deposits on the surface of the injector needle tip and throughout the combustion chamber
  2. restores the original performance of the engine
  3. ensures regular engine running and reduces fuel consumption
  4. reduces maintenance costs
  5. ensures environmentally friendly, low-pollution combustion
  6. reduces the risk of engine damage due to LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition).

Product Description

BIZOL GDI POWER CLEAN is a fuel additive to restore the performance of engines with gasoline direct injection: GDI, CGI, TFSI, TBI. Clean injectors are essential for the engine performance. Clogged injectors will not get the right amount of fuel it needs. The additive contains detergent based on Polyetheramine. It removes deposits and prevents the formation of residues resulting in restored engine performance.  Significantly reduces the LSPI effect.


Available Packages

Article Nr.PackagingLanguages
980170.5 L DE / EN / ES / RU / RO / PL / SLO


BIZOL GDI POWER CLEAN can be used directly into the fuel tank at each service or every 10.000km. Ensure the tank is at least 1/3 full one 500 ml can is sufficient for up to 70 liters of fuel.

Ultimately, you want to ensure the right amount of fuel injected for maximum engine performance.
Use BIZOL GDI Power Clean to remove deposits and ensure the accurate injection.
Restore your engine performance!


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